12 May Idea’s That Can Help All Mother’s Easily Access Your Website.

5 Website Development Idea’s That Can Help All Mother’s Easily Access Your Website.

Though any single day can’t be enough to show our gratitude and respect to all mothers out there, But Still Mother’s Day has become a special occasion when we take our time and review the things we have done in return to what all mothers have sacrificed for raising us to what we are today.

When we talk of Digitalisation, we shouldn’t forget about our mothers and all females. The days are gone when a woman was not technology friendly and had to look for assistance while using mobile phones and internet. Now every mother is competing with males when it comes to positively and potentially use Internet and its services.

We all keep looking for a perfect gift for our mother on Mother’s Day. Hence Orange Global is presenting You some add-on and upgradation ideas that you can apply in your website development to make it easily accessible for all the mothers and parents at once. Let us have a Glance at those features:

Mothers can easily visit your website when you make it accessible to them

1. Categorize your website according to the age group and gender.

People generally tend to stay at a website more which is easily accessible to them. Also, making a website user friendly greatly affects your overall SEO if we talk from a digital marketing perspective. So, Why not make a different category for all Mothers. If You are an e-commerce owner, You can put a separate category where all the products related to women, kitchen and household, products for children below age of 13 will be labeled. A category that relates to products for old aged people will just be perfect as it will give a personalised feel for all parents while shopping at your website.


2. Put those irritating captcha verification away from older people

Come complex type of captcha verification can be a bit of problem for older people as they may have poor eyesight. So, You should always try to keep it as simple as possible. You can put audio verification codes as an alternative of captcha. Or, You can totally remove the requirement of captcha for registered people who have put their age above a specified level in the registration form.

This type of captcha is a lot more easy to use alternative

3. Always put an alternative for multimedia contents

Many people of older age can have a problem with eyesight or hearing. And in that case, they may not understand the information completely which you are providing via multimedia sources like audio or video content. So always put a transcript or subtitle for audio content.For the person who can’t read properly, You can provide an audio alternative with low background sound that clearly describes your content.

4. Text to Speech and vice-versa Software for an extra aid

Use of text to speech softwares has become quite common these days for person who can’t read properly due to read properly. The same applies for the person who can’t hear. They use speech to text softwares. So You should put an software that can change the content. Or you can put a small text alternative for non-text content.

If your website has an structure that requires information from users, You can put a speech to text alternative for filling information. This way, it will become more easier for older people to navigate through the website who have audio-visual restrictions.

Using an text to speech softwares helps in different system operations

5. User-friendly Structure of your website

The structure and texture of your website hugely determines how long a visitor is going to stay. And whether he will convert as a customer or not. And it also applies when you have lot of older visitors. You can use following considerations for your website development:

  • Use lower contrast ratio or put an option to change the contrast of your website for the users who have lost the colour perception.
  • Older users generally read whole content to find what they are on the page for. So, properly categorize your content with headings and subheadings so that the user has no difficulty in find his piece of content.
  • There should be sufficient time for a user to read the whole content. As older people may take longer to read the content. Alternatively, You can put an option to stop or control any time limit provided.

So, These are some features You can consider and your content will be more friendly for our old age people specially females who are not much tech savvy. If you have any more innovative ideas, Please tell us in comment section below or you can mail us them through the contact form.