How an effective Logo can be a game changer


28 Dec How an effective Logo can be a game changer

the soul cannot think without an image’ – Aristotle.

What gives a brand its identity? Is it only the quality alone that creates brand recognition or brand awareness of a product. No! Having a logo signifies an easy route to brand identification and a way people can remember, connect and acknowledge a brand among several similar available in market. Logo’s are intended to be the face of an organisation and has its ownimportance of a company logo . Hence, making its designing more complicated yet appropriate. Orange Global as the best digital marketing company in Delhi has an expert team who takes the pressure of logo designing from client away.

A logo appears on several products starting from stationery, business cards, furniture and advertising material making them handy to expand the reach of company. The logo should be designed keeping colour combinations, font and the art work in mind which implies the companies aesthetic value and nature of work. A substandard and amateur looking logo would turn off potential customers. Orange Global as the best digital marketing company in Delhi understands the importance of a company logo and ensures retaining the value of company in logo. On the contrary, there is long list of companies who does not pay much attention to logo designing or rather have different kind of logos for letter head and website. Perhaps this results in miscommunication between two different sets of interactive sessions by the same organisation.

mcdonalds-logos1-200x300A simple written Mc Donald would not have been an eye catcher, despite the mouth watering taste of food we get. Your logo is how people recognise you, and helps drawing a line of difference between you and your rivals.

A company’s logo is its shorthand, a visual cue that tells a story of the brand’s culture, behaviour, and values,” Matthews Hale.

Many companies keep on experimenting with their company logo including the re designing; this in a way is a reflection of time, where an outdated design is modernised. Experimenting with the looks is equally to having a makeover for yourself. Since we are not in a circus – keep it simple here, there can be experimenting but there cannot be irrelevancy of several colour combination used everywhere. A wrong designing can result in loss of customer trust and satisfaction from your brand.

screen-shot-2016-12-28-at-1-51-27-pm-1The famous clothing brand GAP had a public outcry due to which they took a U-Turn from newly launched logo back to where they started from.

The importance of a company logo can never be at a back bench. A well designed professional logo will continue to be the representative of your business for years to come.