15 Mar How does Reputation Survey helps in customer class

Ever wondered how does a company grow! Is it alone because of the product quality, or the maximum reach of services, or is it because of value for money of the product. All these factors put together along with customer satisfaction, complaint resolution and reputation of the company count its actual worth. Having a constant reputation and maintaining a good image among the consumers should be an uncompromising effort. Substantially, there is no denial to the fact, that companies with strong and positive reputation attract more people. They develop loyalty among consumers and; in a country like ours, most of the products are sold with this equity only.

In every business, there is a time when company has to evaluate their brand reputation; the word of mouth works more than the personal experience of individuals. In this competitive world, reputation survey becomes vital to understand the presence of the company in market. If other brand is preferred over yours, then it is an alarming situation that the policies need to be re modified to captivate the market. Same goes with product survey as well. Few points can help explaining the scope & ways of reputation management:-

Ground Level Reputation Management:- Most of the companies, have least botheration of survey on ground levels, which undoubtedly impacts the reputation in general and risks the product choice for consumers. Ground level reputation survey works as a reality check for the product and company both. One can try sending feedback forms online to people who have registered on your website.

Online Reputation Management:- With millions of people on internet a single bad comment can turn the world upside down for any organisation with catastrophic results. There are lot of other brands selling same products which gives customers an easy option of exit. Do not forget that everybody is googling right now and they can gather all the feedbacks.

Complaint Management:- These days there has been a trend in complaint resolution, wherein zonal managers get in touch with the customers directly who registers a complaint. It gives immense satisfaction to the complainant that the company is bothered for a resolution and gives weightage to customer feedback. Remember, never, ever try to run away from a complaint because you might not be able to catch up all the platforms of complaint filling. Better, resolve the issue and have a satisfied customer.

Knowledge sharing:- It is not always selling a product or services online. Knowledge sharing and making your organisation a part of forum discussion invites responses from people who might not be your customers. Probably, inviting guest post on your website can seek out some opportunities for potential customers. Mind it! avoid controversial topics and comments.

As the information in today’s time is easily available on the platforms, Reputation Management is a tricky segment. All organisations should hold authority of the social media presence and activity they do there. Timely conduction of reputation survey helps evaluating the true worth of the company whether online or offline. The other way for Reputation Management is “Google Yourself”.