Paytm big player in Digital Payment – E Wallet


21 Dec Paytm big player in Digital Payment – E Wallet

Since the government decision of note ban came on November 8, digital payment has taken an uplift with making all the possible options of payment popular. Other than cash exchange, Payt. & Mobikwik both has come up as the most convenient and promising digital payment ways. Starting from small eating outlets to shopping zones, the e-wallets are serving as the advantageous and convenient both to the company and to consumers.

With the current limit of Rs. 10000 in your e-wallet accounts one can suitably either transfer the money with bar code scanning or by entering the mobile no. of seller for your utilities. Digital Payment players are all lauding government with the demonetisation decision, which in a way has been increasing high number of money transfer through digital wallets.

The time when announcement of demonetisation was done, Google’s play store has registered 50 million downloads of Paytm app. It is not the convenience alone it offers, one also gets cash back on lot of products and services. So it isn’t just the digital payment you get, it offers more than that.

Though everybody is trying a way out to deal with demonetisation not to forget that still, while paying through cards we at times are charge 2 to 3 percent extra for transaction. Moreover, there are still millions of small vendors even in big cities who does not have a Paytm account or does not know the usage of smart phone. Ironically, even 4G connectivity is a challenge for us and with unexpected increase in the usage of digital payment internet connectivity is not lesser than a pain in head.

Nevertheless, e-wallet companies are getting cashier and bigger than they might have targeted.

Image Sourced from Google.