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The Branding and Consulting team of Orange Global is highly efficient to decide the marketing strategy for promoting a product in the market. We have more than 10 years of experience in the field of Branding and Consulting.


The team is guided by our honorable director Mr. Utkarsh Srivastava, who is an MBA degree holder in H.R (Human Resource) and Marketing and took his Engineering degree from NIIT. He has versatile experience in working with many Government and Non-Government organizations like, Vodafone, IBM, National botanical research institute, Human resource Department (Central Govt.) etc.


Our expert professionals gather data from various platforms and make extensive researches on the present trend, customers’ requirement, etc. They also decide the actual product value, which will be suitable in the competitive market.


The Branding and Consulting team of Orange Global gives expert solution about Logo Designing, packaging, marking of a product, etc. Our highly experienced professionals always guide the clients to develop the best marketing strategy for promoting a product in the market.


Before making a marketing strategy, we take sound knowledge about the type of the product, the age group and other features of its main customer base and the geographic regions where the possibility of selling the product will be the maximum. As a result of such extensive study, we can decide the prospective media, the right way of brand promotion, etc in the best possible manner.


In the present scenario, a good marketing strategy plays vary important role to popularize a product in the market. Even a premium quality product may not get the market due to faulty Marketing Strategy. If you have manufactured a great product or want to offer any service to your clients, Orange Global will be the best choice for you. We focus to develop a long term relationship with our customers and we believe that we will grow, only when our customers will grow.